Choosing Our Trailer

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There are two companies in Florida that manufacture the trailer specifically for Tiny House Construction. We chose to compare these two for the purpose of keeping the shipping costs reasonable. Know what the options are in your region.

The decision had been made to build a single level (no sleeping loft) Tiny Home and also with a shed roof. This gave us the option of the deck above wheels to maximize livable width and less height required for the roof. Basics: The deck is built over the trailer as the base of the home construction (or floor). The other style would have construction around the wheel fenders but would offer more height for a Gable roof.

Trailer                          tiny-house-trailer-1

This is a picture of the trailer we chose.(left) This is a picture of a trailer below the wheels.(right)

We chose the deck above wheels. Even though the house sits higher over the wheels, we were impressed with the overall steel construction design for securing the house to the trailer. Each floor joist sits on a steel cross frame and built 16” on center for framing.

TIP: Next time see if the trailer manufacturer can pre-drill the holes on the frame for the decking carriage bolts! (Labor intensive at more than 75 of them.)

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