Building the Trailer Deck

Step 2: Building the Trailer Deck

Before you begin with the next part (or sooner once your know a firm delivery date for your trailer) finalize your material order for the next several steps, probably thru framing and wrapping. The resaon I suggest this is it all comes pretty quick and your goal is to get the Tiny House dried in as quickly as possible, you never know what the weather will bring. Here in Florida with its rain and heat, can come large quantaties. Even if you ordered everyting on your materials list, it is probably a good idea to have someone available to do a store run at the time! (As that official The Tiny Abode runner, even people like us, who thought EVERYTHING through, no one can take into account needing an extra box of nails or burning a drill bit out!) Back to building – now that you have your supplies

generic viagra Since we happened to have steel sheets from another project, the decision was made to start with a layer of steel on the trailer by attaching these sheets with screws. The purpose is to fully enclose the bottom, keeping critters and anything else from boring thru the wood and insulation that would have been exposed.

Metal Sheeting.

The metal sheeting we laid down, prior to building the deck.

canadian pharmacy viagra After the metal sheeting is attached comes the frame of the deck. This is built right on top of the metal sheeting.

Decking viagra generic

We built the frame deck with 2x4s. Complete the exterior frame and then over the straps that 16” on center, cross framing . This frame is then screwed to the steel frame of the trailer. This part is labor intensive since you have to drill holes into the steel frame. (Hence the run to the store for more drill bits.)

We then used the wrapping material already on hand to cover the steel sheets. generic levitra online

deck wrapping canadian pharmaceuticals online

Once completed, insulate each section. We purchased rock wool insulation that came in 16” x 47” pieces which cut down on the handling of insulation generic levitra online.

canada pharmacy online decking insulation

The next step is laying down the sheeting – coming soon. Tags:

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