About Us

On June 10th 2016 by Cathy

The beginning of this adventure started by Karma.  A friend asked Dave to do a repair at his home.

He was led into the back yard and there it was…A Tiny House!  (Disclaimer that prior to this point, we had never seen or heard of The Tiny House Movement.)

Dave and Cathy have been real estate brokers for 30 years and had never seen anything like this before. With a construction background and real estate experience, the ideas were rolling.

Who wants to live in a Tiny House?  200 square feet of home on wheels that can be relocated when you are ready to.  Real wood construction on a steel trailer with wheels.  A home, Guest house, camp house, hunting home, mobile office.  You name it and this will fit whatever your adventure is.

Tiny Living.   What a concept!    As like all great adventures, Dave said “I can build that”.

Can we have a guest house or office in our back yard?  What is the municipal code for our area?  Tick, tick, tick…..  Back at the friend’s Tiny House.  We like this, we don’t like that.   More research.  Viewing way too many episodes of tiny house reality programming.  People knew what we were talking about as discussions began.   It began to feel real.  It made sense.

Soon the wheels started to turn, literally.  More research was done, classes were taken, and before long we ordered our first trailer on wheels.

Suddenly, others were interested in The Tiny Abode being built.