Delivery and Leveling of Trailer

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When you are ready to order your trailer, allow plenty of time for the manufacture and delivery process.. especially during the holidays! 2-4 weeks may end up being 6-8 weeks!

At our home base, the weather was wet for weeks prior to delivery. For those familiar with the Florida ground, this meant mush in the back yard construction site we set up! Luckily we have a large concrete driveway and was able to store it and begin to work on the deck build while waiting a few more weeks for the ground to get dry enough to drive over.

Finally, the trailer was moved to the build site at the back of our home. (Note: your area may have restrictions for building a Tiny House ..”on wheels” being the operative words. It’s a good idea to look into those before you begin construction.)

In place and leveled, making sure all organic material (grass) is removed before the mounting blocks are placed. HUD Installation standards for Mobile/Manufactured Homes were used as a guide. HUD Installation Guide

Trailer on its way to its new position for construction. The Trailer in place and leveled.

As well as the Installation of Hurricane Straps/anchors were installed at this time. Again, we are taking extra precautions because of the type of weather we have here, we recommend you do the same. Hud Guidelines for Hurricane Straps

Hurricane Strap

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