Is Your Tiny House Legal?

On August 8th 2016 by Cathy No Comments
Hunting Cabins.

Thanks to for the photo of a group of tiny hunting cabins.

“Some local governments around the country are welcoming tiny houses, attracted by their potential to ease an affordable housing crunch or even house the homeless…But lost in the enthusiasm is the fact that in many places, it is hard to live in them legally.”

When we first considered building The Tiny Abode in our back yard we knew that in the unincorporated county where we reside, we would have no problem with ordinances to build this home on wheels. As it stands, “the wheels” part of it still makes it under the RV category in Florida, not a home. (And that is all code enforcement looks at right now.)

This PBS article quotes locations around the country and what people are doing to try and make it legal within a City, any City. It appears small towns are more likely to make it work, where larger cities frown on the idea of doing something different.

Food for Thought: Thoroughly research where you are going to place The Tiny Abode before committing to buy or build one.

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