Should I Build or Buy My Tiny House?

So, you’ve decided that tiny living is for you. Or if you haven’t gotten there quit yet check out our blog, What is a Tiny House and Why Go Tiny? first. If you are still reading, then you’ve decided to go tiny. The next question would be should you build it yourself or hire a contractor, or should you buy one that is built already?

There are a lot of choices here, but first: cheap viagra Be honest with yourself! Ask yourself the following questions, and see where your answers lead you. Do you have the skills and the time to dedicate to this construction project? If you don’t have the skills, do you know people who do, and would they be willing to help? Or do you feel confident in yourself to learn via YouTube and reading how-to books? Do you even have a place to build it? Even with a good construction background, can you pick out a floor plan (buying someone’s blueprints can help but may not exactly meet your needs) or do you wish to design your own and make your own blueprints? You can even hire out this service. Can you order materials, schedule deliveries, hire labor to assist? It is a big job, but it is YOURS if you wish!

Our biggest suggestion is to be honest with yourself. No one wants this sitting in their backyard. Framed Tiny House

Reality check, and you aren’t quite sure about building it yourself. There are many contractors that now specialize in building tiny houses. You may be limited in floor plans, but can usually make enough changes for you to specialize it to your wishes. (Don’t forget, there will usually be a fee for every change you make – but it can be done.)

Another option is buy one already built. It is what you see and can be driven to your location NOW. You will also find many “in process” of being built. With these, the structure is complete and you can personalize the interior finishes.

Then the major part of all of this is: Can I afford this? Again, take that gut check and be honest. Like any project this is an expensive one and return of invenstment is low to non-exsistant. If you buy one complete it will be more expensive because you are paying for someone else’s labor. However, you don’t want to have a half finsihed project sitting in your backyard either. My last word on this is, be honest, building anything yourself brings an unbelievable fun and enjoyment, but if you don’t have the skill set, you don’t, don’t be afraid of honesty.


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