Tiny House Security: How to Secure Your Tiny House on Wheels

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We’ve had a tiny house for almost a year and something we never consider was it’s Security. While tiny houses are cute and a lot of people dream about living in one, houses on wheels do come with a few downsides. For example, while it’s great that you can move your home whenever you want to, unfortunately, that means that other people can move it too. If your house is portable, you could return home one day to find that it’s no longer there.  Fortunately, it doesn’t happen often as moving a 10-12,000 pound house is difficult enough,  but an ounce of prevention will save a lifetime of headaches.

So what should you do to ensure that your tiny house doesn’t get stolen? What security measures can you put in place to protect your home? How can you deter thieves from running off with the place you call home. Luckily there are plenty of things you can do for tiny house security, and they don’t have to be expensive. Here are a few ideas to get you better antiquated with ways to secure your tiny home:

    1. Get a Hitch Lock – This low-tech device covers the hitch to stop thieves from hooking your house up to a vehicle and driving off with it. It also acts as a visible deterrent. On average they can cost anywhere from $20 – $250, but no matter where you land its a tiny investment for your security.

    2. Use Wheel Locks – Wheel locks are another low-tech and low-cost solution. You simply install these where your trailer’s lug nuts usually go (it’s up to you whether you switch out all or just one of them). Once they’re on, they act as anti-theft deterrents and they’re almost impossible to remove unless you have the right key.

    3. Use GPS Tracking – Simply hide a GPS tracking device in your tiny house, so that, should someone steal it, you’re able to track it and get it back again. With the help of your local law enforcement officials of course.

    4. Install Security Camera –  Another techy solution is to install internet security cameras near your tiny house to record any (attempted) thefts or criminal activity. Lots of security cameras deliver footage directly to your smart phone or laptop, so you can keep an eye on your home wherever you are.

    5. Restrict Access – if you don’t want anyone to steal your tiny house, make it hard for them to get to it or to move it from where it’s parked. If you can, install a locked gate, so that thieves can’t get anywhere near your house. Even if they could climb over it, they’d have a hard time towing the house through it!

    6. Put Your Tiny House on Blocks –  The main benefit of doing this is that it will slow any thieves down. Obviously this approach isn’t ideal for anyone who moves around a lot, but it’s a cheap and easy option for anyone who’s going to be staying put for a while. See our how-to if this is something you are thing of: Leveling of Trailer

    7. Install an Alarm – Perhaps the most obvious solution is to install an alarm to make a racket and even call you or the police should anyone break into your home.

    8. Pretend to be Home –  Use a timer to set up a lighting, radio, or TV system to convince guests that you’re at home when you’re not.

    9. Make Friends – Nothing beats community, so while you’re befriending your neighbors, why not ask them to keep an eye on your property while you’re away? If you’re going away for an extended period of time, you could even ask a friend or house sitter to live in your home for you.

There are many cost effective options for you and your tiny house. Take the time to secure your home on wheels, it will be worth it.


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